October 15, 2016

The Math Space Hero Game

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The Math Space Hero Game is a funny math game. In this game you find yourself in a space ship, trying to escape the meteors, UFOs, aliens and planets. At the same time you have to shoot the solutions of appearing at the top of green field tasks.

There are 8 class levels in the game:


1st class level -> used the numbers 1-20 

* Addition

* Subtraction

* The largest number

* The smallest number

* The next number in simple patterns


2nd class level -> used the numbers 1-20

In addition to 1st class level

* Multiplication

* Division

* Addition with three number

* Addition and subtraction with three number

* The result of the addition operations

* The result of the subtraction operations


3rd class level -> used the numbers 1-200

In addition to 2nd class level

* The even number

* The odd number

* The next number in patterns

* The result of the multiplication operations

* The result of the division operations


4th class level -> used the numbers 1-500

In addition to 3rd class level

* The result of the mixed operations


5th class level -> The numbers from 1 to 1000 this level had been used.

In addition to 4th class level

* The square of number 1 to 20

* 1 to find the cubes of natural numbers with up to 6

* Finding the number is not given in Patterns


6th class level -> used the numbers 1-1000

In addition to 5th class level

* the square of number 1-10

* Prime numbers between 1 and 50

* Addition of algebraic expressions

* Subtraction of algebraic expressions


7th class level -> used the numbers -1000 to 1000

In addition to 6th class level

* Also used negative numbers

* Prime numbers between 1 and 100

* Multiplication of algebraic expressions


8th class level-> used the numbers -1000 to 1000

In addition to 7th class level

* Square root of numbers

* Addition of Irrational numbers

* Subtraction of Irrational numbers

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