October 15, 2016

Clock and Time Learning Kids

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It’s a tough process for the children to learn how to name and comprehend the time concept. 

We made it more entertaining so that it would be easier for kids to learn the time. 

Our game is intended not only for the children in pre-school and kindergarten, but also for the children in primary school.

Digital clock has three (3) modes in the game. 

These are 12 hours, 24 hours and 12 hours with a.m and p.m. 

There are 5 difficulty levels in the game. 

These are full hours like 7 o’clock, halves, quarters, multiples of 5 minutes and all the minutes.

The hour hand and the minute hand move harmoniously and the minute hand has 2 modes of jumping per minute and per 5 minutes.


There are 6 chapters in the game.


There are analog watch and digital watch in the first chapter. When the clock is changed, day and night cycle moves and Turkish vocalization starts working. This chapter is aimed for teaching the clocks. 


In the second chapter, the children try to match the time on the digital clock by moving the hands of the analog clock.

In the third chapter, kids try to match the time on the analog clock by changing the time on the digital clock. 


In the fourth chapter, kids will try to find the correct analog clock among the 4 multiple choices by looking at the time on the digital clock given.


In the fifth chapter, kids will try to find the right matching time among the 4 multiple choices by looking at the time on the analog clock given.


In the sixth chapter, the minute hand starts moving automatically starting from the full hours and kids try to stop the analog clock by looking at the given time on the digital clock.

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